Add your comments about Powerflush


“Lee Duffield did a wonderful job at our house today! He was very tidy and made much effort to ensure I was informed of what I am doing and asked premission before doing anything. Very Conscientious! ”

Mr & Mrs Palser | Essex | 10th June 2011


“I was really happy with Shaun Aldridge\'s work. He had to come out to my place twice because of a leak which prevented him from carrying out the flush on the first visit. He was really helpful in explaining the (many) problems with my water system and was extremely professional and friendly. I definitely recommend him! ”

Tara Sabi | London | 7th June 2011


“Richard was truly a hero! He worked very hard all day doing whatever it took to get the heating system to work!”

Mr A Gates | Cambridgeshire | 6th June 2011


“I was very please with Sam's work today. He didn't even stop for a cup of tea, explained everything to me, good experience over-all, Thank you”

Glen Doherty | London | 3rd June 2011


“I had Richard round last Friday. He was very thorough and explained what he was doing as he did it. He arrived at 7.30 and had to contend with my rather lively dog. Had to literally force him to have coffee!!!! I would highly recommend both Powerflush and Richard. Thank you ”

Terry Batten | Reading | 1st June 2011


“I have had Mick Pinder from Hull with me all of today. Mick arrived at 8am sharp, and only left after a full day of showing me how dirty my radiators used to be! He has done an excellent job, and I am very grateful, thank you.”

Roy Coulson | Oldham | 1st June 2011


“I was very impressed with Daniels work. He was very good. He explained everything very well...He really did know his stuff!!”

Mr C Ward | Slough | 1st June 2011


“We have referred a job to Powerflush as a result of their reputation and we can honestly say we will be referring many more jobs in the future. We are very satisfied with the quality of the work Barry did. Barry spent 2 days doing the powerlfush to ensure he hasn't compromised the work and this shows he is an honest hard worker.”

R & G Plumbing Supplies | Surrey | 31st May 2011


“Joe Newman did a VERY good job at my house. I am very happy and pleased with the outcome and the service. I am glad I chose this company. ”

R. Davies | Birmingham | 31st May 2011


“I'm very pleased I chose Powerflush. Shaun was punctual, polite and very efficient. He took the trouble to explain each stage to me. I am recommending the company to my friends”

Mrs G Pile | West Sussex | 30th May 2011


“We are so satisfied with the work carried out by Sam. He worked very hard. We are very Happy overall. ”

Mr & Mrs Colins | London | 28th May 2011


“I'm very happy with Joseph Newman! Fantastic powerflushing of my central heating system, friendly chap. Will recommend.”

Mr Brent | Coventry | 27th May 2011


“Shaun Aldridge was excellent. He explained everything clearly and demonstrated the effect of what he was doing and was friendly and efficient with it. Thank you Shaun.”

Mark Kirby | Kent | 27th May 2011


“Sam powerflushed my heating system, I am very happy with the results and satisfied with his level of service.”

Caroline Collins | London | 26th May 2011


“We are very Very impressed with the service we received from Powerflush. Richard was very pleasant and polite. We would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a powerflush. Richard was a complete gentleman and very respectful of our house!”

Mrs Winter | Buckinghamshire | 25th May 2011


“I had Barry arrive today for my homes powerflush. He was efficient and friendly. My heating is showing a lovely improvement, I will be recommending Barrys professional service to a few of my friends.”

Linda Holden | Reading | 24th May 2011


“I was very plesed with engineer who was very helpful polite and considerate taking shoes off most thoughtful (Well Done Shaun)”

Mrs V. Culley | East Sussex | 19th May 2011


“Powerflush has proved to be an EXCELLENT solution. The engineer, Colin, was exceptional, a brilliant little worker. He explained everything step by step in a way which helped me to easily understand the process. Tidy and neat are other words I'd use to describe Colin's work. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!”

Peggy Beckford | London | 18th May 2011


“Colin the visiting CH Engineer was very professional and thorough. As to cost I am sure this is at the top end, and I understand the need to provide a whole day of time in case there are problems. In fact the job was completed by tea-time due to Colin's efficiency and the relative freedom from problems.Colin's help in understanding the broader functioning of the system in this newly purchased house was appreciated.”

Richard Gifford | London | 14th May 2011


“As well as doing an excllent job last Friday as planned, I'd just like to thank Alun for the extra little items he sorted to make sure everything was just perfect when he left. His catchphrase will also stay with me for ever. Well recommended!”

Andrew | Gloucestershire | 9th May 2011


“Highly recommended. A very professional service, worked diligently on our heating system for hours and now we have heating again. Well worth it! (Well Done Shaun)”

Catherine Wilford | West Sussex | 4th May 2011


“Shaun Aldridge attended my home today and did an excellent job of cleansing my boiler and radiators. He was extremely professional and knowledgeable, explaining every step of the way so that we could track his progress. He was polite and sensitive to our needs, he even took his shoes off whenever he was in the house, he cleaned up any mess and put everything back in place before he left. Why don\'t other trades work like this?”

Ian | London | 4th May 2011


“My heating system was very inefficient and because of the symptons my plummer (Andrew Lillington) recommended I get in touch with Powerflush. I am delighted I took his advice as my system is working fine since Alun Jones used his magic. Alun is a friendly Welchman and obviously an expert in the field of heating systems. The work was done efficiently and cleanly and in the end except for a heating system which is now working fine I would not know the job had been done. I thank all concerned and of course would recommend Powerflush to anyone who has a similar problem. ”

Albert Verstage | Bristol | 2nd May 2011


“Shaun Aldridge did a brilliant job today. He explained everything very clearly and gave us some good advice. My wife was worried there was going to be a lot of upheaval and mess so we were pleasantly surprised that the job was done so cleanly. Really professional and nice guy who arrived spot on time. Would definitely recommend! ”

Bob Gooch | Kent | 20th April 2011


“I am a Heating engineer who recommends Powerflush Ltd and I was most impressed with the work Alun Jones did today for Mr Rigby, the customer I recommended to Powerflush. Alun worked in a professional manner and his experience and knowledge of the customers system was second to none. First class peformance.”

James Bodenham (Heating Engineer) | Bristol | 18th April 2011


“Shaun Aldridge has put in a very long working day and flushed all the 17 radiators of a rather old system without any problems. He is very professional and pleasant to have around, clean, no mess, clear explanation of the different stages of the job - well done and thank you! ”

Dr V. Dorosz | London | 12th April 2011


“Marvellous job! Richard Jefferies the engineer was pleasant, friendly and didn't keep asking for tea or coffee. He did a great job and cleaned up afterwards. Well done!”

E.Michael | Surrey | 12th April 2011


“ Clean, efficient and tidy work to resolve a quite long standing problem and where other companies all recommended a new boiler! For a fraction of the price, our heating and hot water system is now working perfectly. Shaun Aldridge worked good naturedly all day to resolve the problem and cleared up all trace before he left. We hadn't thought of Powerflush previously but will certainly recommend it in future.”

Mr and Mrs Lewis Barker | London | 8th April 2011


“I had my heating terated today. The engineer arrived at 7.30am and worked untill 4.30, whilst on site he worked full time ,and would only move on to the next stage of the job when he happy with what he had done. My system gave him a few problems due to its age, but he dealt with these in a very professional way. I am very happy with the work carried out,and no mess Thank you for a very good job well done”

Mr John McConalogue | London | 6th April 2011


“Lee was punctual, professional and very friendly. He explained everything he was doing and when finished my boiler was quieter and working properly, which it hadnt been since I moved in”

Duncan Wood | London | 5th April 2011