About Powerflush

At University I studied Mechanical Engineering and then enjoyed 10 years in the oil and chemical industry.

By 1990 I was also managing a dozen Victorian terrace Student houses most of which had on going heating problems. My wise heating engineer, Paul, recommended and helped me powerflush the corrosion debris out of the pipes and radiators of the 1st house which produced such a spectacular cure I became obsessed with the miracle of the ‘Powerflush’ . That summer I enrolled on a central heating course and powerflushed our remaining 11 houses on my own plus a few neighbours houses too.

Nowadays Powerflush Ltd has a network of enthusiastic experienced engineers who are recommended by everyone from Ariston to Worcester Bosch – nowadays we even have our own range of cleaners and inhibitors.

If you need a Powerflush please get a quote on this website or if you love powerflushing please contact us to arrange a meeting.

Tarquin Purdie
Powerflush MD

Powerflush Managing Director: Tarquin Purdie